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Does anyone know if this is a good program? I'm thinking about applying for it for Fall '08, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the school. I would love to know anything from quality of faculty to design of the program to... Read More

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    I just found out today I was accepted! I live in Summerville....can anyone tell me what the schedule may be like? I have a 18 month old and my husband is a pilot in the air force, so I need to plan child care now....I am very excited to meet everyone! Will you all be there for the mini orientation on the 4th?
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    Did anyone get turned down? Seems like everyone either got in or is on the alternate list.
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    I heard that we have class 4 days a week. What "group" you are in depends on which day of the week you have off. I think we have class from about 7/9am to about 3/4pm. I'm not completely sure, but I remember reading this somewhere. Clinicals I think could start as early as 6:15ish from what I've heard. But...I am all new to this and am just as curious as you are!

    And to anyone that doesn't have alot of volunteer/medical experience...don't lose hope! I have a lot of volunteer and community service, but none of it was medicine related and I still got in!
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    Hi everyone, wanting to know if anyone is familiar with the Charleston area. I will be looking for a roomie while in the Program. My commute to Georgia will be a little too much during the week. I hope to see everyone at the orientation on the 4th Nov. Looking forward to this next chapter!!
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    Anyone else coming from the Summerville area? Maybe I can find a carpool buddy! Amil011- I am just a husband is Air Force, so I am from Texas...I have only lived in SC for a short amount of time.
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    Congrats! I will be at the meeting on the 4th! Join the facebook group!
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    At NICANT, I just got out the Navy and transplanted to Georgia when I got accepted. How far is summerville from the school? At EMTDD I am not familiar with theCharleston area, but am willing to have the school recommend a few places as well as drive around and look for apartments. Cost saving is very important.
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    Hi everyone! Here is the schedule they have posted on the website if you haven't already stumbled upon it. See you guys on the 4th!
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    I found out I got in last week as well. NICANT I live in Summerville as well and am looking at possibly taking the bus from the K-mart parking lot. I've heard that it goes straight to MUSC but I haven't looked into it yet. If the bus doesn't seem to be a good option I will need a carpool buddy as well.

    Amil011, Summerville is about 25-30 minutes from MUSC before traffic. It will almost always be at least 45 min - 1 hour with traffic in the morning or at night. If there are wrecks, which there usually are, you can count on it being a bit longer.

    EmtDD, I joined the facebook page and left a reply but it is now not showing it. It may be deleting the posts or the admin/mod may need to approve them.

    If anyone needs info about different sections of town I am a Realtor and can give you all a hand through email, phone, facebook, or at the orientation in November.
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    Fixed the problem with the facebook page! I look forward to seeing you guy's soon!!

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