Good "New Nurse" Environments in MB/Florence/Georgetown? Good "New Nurse" Environments in MB/Florence/Georgetown? | allnurses

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Good "New Nurse" Environments in MB/Florence/Georgetown?

  1. 0 I'm looking for a workplace reccomendation in the Myrtle Beach/Florence/Georgetown/Conway area of South Carolina. Can anyone suggest a place that is welcoming to new nurses, has a friendly atmosphere and cares about their patients?

    I'm still in nursing school, but am considering working in a more administrative capacity while in school and figured I'd start with the places that I'd like to end up working in the end.

    also, if there are any *MUST STAY AWAY* kinds of places, I would greatly appreciate that heads up as well. You can PM me if you're uncomfortable sharing this info on the boards.

    *just wanted to add that I've come to realize these qualities are more important to me than the exact specialty, so I would be interested in any environment that has hours outside of M-F 9-5 available.

    Thanks so much!

    LPN/RN Student
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    I used to work at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, and loved it. I worked with several new nurses that really seemed to enjoy working there.