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  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone is going to ECPI, how was the teas test? I was wondering how your admissions process went? Also I was wondering about the finanicial aid aspect of it I know everyone is different when it come to financial aid but I am wordering how it went for you all and if you think it is worth it?? Thanks for reading
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  3. by   LKRich13
    Hi! I took the placement test this week and it wasn't all that bad. Very different than a regular community college test like GTC. It was more healthcare oriented and easier. The time allotted is more than enough for each section. The price to me is worth it. Yes, it's expensive, right at $36k but I start in April and graduate June 2014. 14 months for 2-4 years of school and basically the same tuition cost as a big university. Only 24 students are in each class so your education will be way more hands on IMO. Financial aid is paying for most of mine and the rest is a loan but its ok with the return of investment once you begin working.
  4. by   syidsavvy1109
    @LKRich13 thanks so much for your reply!! I have taken the teas at ECPI Greenville to do the LPN program and I actually go today to finish up the rest of my financial aid to start the April class as well. I have my interview today too and if all goes well I will be starting the April class with you. I am excited and nervous at the same time. By the way my name is Sylvedra aka Deidra hopefully we will see each other in orientation April 4th. Thanks again for your reply.