Any TTC nursing students or pre-nursing students here?

  1. I have been accepted into the ADN program for Spring 2013...currently taking all the courses I can to get them out of the way. Anyone want to start a thread here to help each other along?
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  3. by   FutureRNKKP
    MEEE!!!...I start Fall 2013 but Im going try for the merit to get in for Spring..Im excited glad you started this thread.
  4. by   futurerncharleston
    I start Spring 2013 as well. What classes do you still have to take?
  5. by   rnstudentcharleston
    Great! Let's get this going! So, this Summer I am signed up for Bio211 (Anatomy & Physiology II) and NUR 105 (Pharmacology) online. I took the Dosage test the first day of Maymester and got 100 so I dropped that class. Now I need to add a class to get the tuition break! I will take Micro in the Fall and probably Theater or Public Speaking with a friend of mine. That's all I HAVE to take, but I want to apply to MUSC Accelerated BSN program and will have all the pre-reqs for that by this Fall. I also have an appointment to see the Volunteer coordinator at MUSC this week. I've already started my shots. I have my BLS certification, but will take a refresher in June....

    Anyone else taking Pharmacology this Summer? I'm doing it online - already bought the book and looked at it. I'm asking because while I was looking for a BLS class on the MUSC Community Training Center website, I saw a Pharmacology Review class. Anyone know anything about it? Are these classes free? I'll find out on Tuesday and report back here. If it's available to me, I'll probably go to it (it's just a couple of hours, one time) - can't hurt! Anyone interested?

    About me: This is a second career for me. I am married, live in Mt. Pleasant, have 4 kids, 14, 12, 10 and 2! Right now I stay home with the 2 year old, but I went ahead and put him on the list for O'Quinn 3 year old class - I think we'll both be ready by then! Still looking at preschools for him for Spring...
  6. by   rnstudentcharleston
    @Kahlil'sMommie: I've heard that it is not unusual to be offered a seat in the semester before the one you are guaranteed, as people drop out or don't get it all together by the time their seat comes up....maybe hold out hope for that?
  7. by   futurerncharleston
    I am taking the NUR 105 and Bio225 this summer. I am in the online class for NUR105 as well so we are in the same class. =)

    I have taken theater and public speaking both as online classes and they are both easy.

    I am a dental assistant now so I have my BLS certification. I work Tuesday thru Friday 8-5 so if you ever want to get together to study during the weekends or on a Monday I am game.

    I haven't heard anything about the Pharm review class but would love the info once you get it.

    I know the TTC program would take you longer to get your BSN then MUSC's accelerated program but it cost a lot less. Including finishing your degree somwhere else to get the BSN. Do you want to do the MUSC program and not the TTC program if you have the chance. I would want to do the MUSC program but I just can't justify spending the extra money when I can finish my degree at Charleston Southern for example and save money. Plus you can work while you do Charleston Southerns program.

    I was going to take the Dosage test but dropped the class before I took the test because of work stuff so I will register for that in the fall. I would like to opt out of the class like you did if possible.

    @Kahlil'sMommie: I know some people that have been pushed up in previous years because someone else didn't go to orientation or have there up to date shots etc. so maybe you will be joining us in Spring.
  8. by   rnstudentcharleston
    Just checking in! I'm still super excited!! Good luck to y'all that start in just a few days!
    Updates: I got my BLS at the MUSC community training center...I'm wondering if I should look into the ACLS class?

    Maybe you've noticed that Publix has flu shots...I called today -the one in Park West -and the pharmacist said that even though technically you can walk in and get a flu shot now anytime the pharmacy is open ($30), she suggested I wait until the "clinic" opens the first Wednesday of September.
  9. by   FutureRNKKP
    Hey guys, sorry so late responding didnt get any notifications to me email. But anywho I dont have any pre-nursing class to take im all done with that finished Mirco this pass summer. So im taking classes now to transfer to Charleston Southern when Im done at trident to get my BSN ( IM going to become a midwife) So I got to get my masters. I tried to get in for spring using the merit but I didnt get choosen so its still a waiting game for me.

    I work at Roper St Francis now so its mandatory that everything is up to date vaccines wise. Sorry I couldnt help with that, I always seen the signs for Flu shots but never looked into it. Im sure you'll get everything donw by the time you start @rnstudentcharleston
  10. by   rnstudentcharleston
    Where will you do a midwifery program? The one at MUSC closed!? I already have a bachelors, so, my best bet is to stick with the ADN at Tech then do a RN-BSN, right? I do want to continue on to be a APN too. I'm thinking NP....Good luck to you!

    So, have any tips for Micro?
  11. by   FutureRNKKP
    Im going to go the RN-BSN route as well then transfer to get MSN at Frontier Nursing School. Thats the only school I found online that I heard good things about. And Good luck to you as well.

    As for Mirco Read the book, not just the notes that come from the bokstore in Lecture. an for lab its really hard to say. Remember your techniques, Lab isnt bad its really straight forward, Lecture on the other hand you have to read between the lines. goodluck
  12. by   FutureRNKKP
    @rnstudentcharleston....I just got an acceptance letter for an earlier start date...SPRING 2013!!!!!! I'm super excited! So I will be starting with you.
  13. by   rnstudentcharleston
    Here we go!!! I'm so excited!! Just gotta wrap up this semester, then it's FUN damentals!
  14. by   FutureRNKKP
    yes, i cant wait till this semester is OVER, im registered for my classes did my drug screen, now just waiting to start. @rnstudent how did NUR 105 go? any advice

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