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I have been accepted into the ADN program for Spring 2013...currently taking all the courses I can to get them out of the way. Anyone want to start a thread here to help each other along?... Read More

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    Hey, glad to meet someone else who will be attending Trident in the Fall. Did you receive the email that they sent out about taking the drug calculation course this Summer along with Nur 105? I know we can take Nur 104 without passing the dosage exam or taking the class. I don't currently live in SC is if I took those classes in the Summer I would have to quit my job now, find a place there to live and pack up to move there which I wasn't planning on doing until later on in the year. I'm trying to make as much money as I can before I head to school. I'm going to talk to my advisor and see what she recommend. If I do have to make my way to SC earlier to take these classes I will have them out of the way which will leave more room to study for Nur 102 and Nur 104. What classes are you planning to tak?

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    i dont think im going to take any... gotta save some more before the fall!
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    Hey everyone I know this thread is old but I start in spring of 2014? Anyone else here starting then?
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    Hey I've been looking for the same thing! I start Spring 2014 as's everything going for you?

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