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Any 2013 Aiken Tech nursing hopefuls?? - page 6

Hi. Has anyone who has applied for the upcoming 2013 nursing received their letter yet??... Read More

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    I got mine yesterday! I'm accepted! I had 31 points.
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    Congrats everyone who got in! Don't forget to sign up for a CPR class by this Friday if you aren't already certified.
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    The Immunization stuff is taking longer than I thought... and the TB test takes 3 days for results so don't procrastinate!
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    Fall 2013 ATC Nursing students I need your help. I have been out of town on vacation and will not get home until this Saturday. I know that I have been accepted into the program, but I am worried about some of the time sensitive requirements. Could someone please post when and where to sign up for CPR, Background check, Drug Test and any other items I might need to take care of before the July 20th. I would greatly appreciate your help, Thanks!!
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    You need to call 803.508.7455 before tomorrow and sign up for a CPR class, the dates are 7/22, 7/23, 7/24, 7/25, 7/29, 7/30. You also have until the 24th to send in your acceptance letter that is in your packet, and you have to have a background check and drug screening done by the 26th from, it will cost $130.00. Everything else has until orientation on the 31st
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    YIKES!! Not a great start! I just reread the CPR info and I was supposed to check out a CPR book from room 1314 and I have class tomorrow!!! Also where is the CPR class?
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    When I read this right after getting the packet I got soooooo excited I guess I didn't read it carefully enough! I feel like a total nit wit! Thanks for any info yall can give me!
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    do tell how it goes...i'm going to pick up the book sometime in the next few days. I signed up for the 30th class so that I could take two consecutive days off from work. Getting really nervous about leaving my job next month
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    I just finished the CPR class and it was not difficult at all. Although I skimmed through the book, 99% of the material is covered in class. There is a demonstration of skills test and a 25 question test. Like I said, nothing to worry about, an easy test. The best thing to report is that the class was finished by 12:30 pm. Good teacher, but make sure you are on time. She starts right at 8 am.
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    Very nice, glad things went good and thanks for reporting!
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    I'm getting sooo excited, butterflies in my tummy, I felt like this day would never come....I'm ready to get started....glad to hear about the CPR class, thanks for sharing!
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    Does anyone know if we can pick up the CPR book the morning if the class bc I had no idea aiken tech closed at 1 on Fridays so I can't get my book today