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Hi. Has anyone who has applied for the upcoming 2013 nursing received their letter yet??... Read More

  1. by   matt1924
    I'm starting to fear the worst. I didn't get anything today either. Although I did receive a letter from admissions regarding another matter postmarked July if something was coming my way and mailed yesterday it should have been here.
  2. by   janeyloo
    Just got home, hoping there would be good news waiting in the mailbox... no news at all here in Evans! so now I have to wait 2 days.... oh well...... Patience!
  3. by   janeyloo
    Let's think positive matt1924.... a package ( not just an envelope) maybe would go through a different processing in order to get to you and so it will take longer...... and we would at least get a rejection letter right???
  4. by   matt1924
    Critical thinking...I like your response Janeyloo, its logical. I really should be more objective, lol
  5. by   matt1924
    I just talked with a friend of mine here in Evans who did receive her denial letter today However, either my application didn't get processed properly or I'll have some good news come next week- still hoping. Good luck for you guys too!
  6. by   matt1924
    Got my acceptance!! So much to do now though...
  7. by   vrhm9911
    I got mine too!!!
  8. by   janeyloo
    Congrats to everyone!!! My mail doesn't run until 3 or 4:00 today....... I'm going to go insane if there is nothing there!!! When is the orientation?
  9. by   matt1924
    Wednesday July 31st. Good luck!!! Rooting for ya!!!
  10. by   bbroadbent1106
    <<<<<<<<> this girl got in too!!!! so excited to meet Yal!!!
  11. by   matt1924
    Congrats! Looking forward to meeting you too! And everyone else!
  12. by   janeyloo
    Yay!!! I got in also!!! Sooooo thankful!
  13. by   cmx1980
    GOT MINE TOO!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! Good Luck everyone see ya'll at orientation!!!

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