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Any 2013 Aiken Tech nursing hopefuls?? - page 4

Hi. Has anyone who has applied for the upcoming 2013 nursing received their letter yet??... Read More

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    Matt1924- lol that's ok that's how it normally works!! Iv just cut out the middle personel and have gone straight to the Dean.... So I guess will see!! Good luck))))
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    So, I'm assuming most of us are local to Aiken Tech, and it only takes a day, maybe two to get post. Has anyone received any word yet?
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    I spoke with someone today who said the letters weren't actually mailed out until today, her name was Melanie something
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    That's good news! Hopefully, they will have mailed both the acceptance and rejection letters, so I can find out either way here in the next day or so. I'm so anxious!
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    I went by today and a hand full of letter were on a desk at 2:30. I did not get in. I went by the school because of being a part of the WIA program. Sad to say a Master's degree ( in a health related field) 15 years doing Cardiac Rehab and working with a hospitalist group doesn't help you move up the ladder. Only Micro, Anatomy/Phys II get you enough points. Plus getting you other credits at Aiken Tech Hopefully you guys will get good news tomorrow.
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    @Moondog633 If you don't mind me asking, how many points did you have and what was your gpa?
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    I'm sorry you didn't get in. That had to be disheartening. I still haven't received any info yet, and still crossing my fingers for good luck.
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    Sorry that you didn't make it this time Moondog... just don't give up! If you haven't taken A&P 1 or 2 or Micro then it doesn't take long to do that, a year in the grand scheme of things isn't bad.... When I started this process 2 years ago, I felt like every time I turned around there was yet another obstacle in my way that at the time seemed insurmountable, just have patience and perseverance... I haven't received anything yet either, I live in Evans, so I'm not sure if it will take 1, 2 or 3 days to get here... oh here is the mail man as I speak.. errr type.... drum roll please....nothing there... maybe tomorrow! Good luck everyone and to those that don't make it, where there is a will there is a way.....
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    Janeyloo, I'm in Martinez, and nothing in my mailbox today either, so if they were mailed yesterday, then surely they will be here tomorrow.
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    Nice to have an outlet to share info with each other....I live in North Augusta, a few miles from ATC...I didn't receive anything yet either, but I spoke to Ms. Johnson and the letters are mailed, I did see one acceptance letter posted on FB today via another friend, not sure what area she is in many points did everyone have??? To the masters degree that didn't get accepted, don't give up....the BIO's aren't hard to maintain, you will get there!!! I too have been working off and on for 2.5 years, it gets frustrating how you get right to the finish line and they move it on you via changes to the app process, but it will pay off very soon if we keep pushing through....a college professor once said to me, "you eat an elephant one bite at a time" everytime I get overwhelmed I repeat that quote take a deep breath and keep chewing!!!! I have never checked my mailbox so much, Best of luck everyone!!!!!
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    Sadly, I was also rejected. I asked ATC to accept a recent higher level math to replace my college algebra that is over 10 yrs old. Apparently, I need to re-take college algebra, so I cannot reapply until Fall 2014. It's frustrating since I already have my bachelors degree and my college algebra was accepted as a pre-req for all of the science courses I took at Georgia Regents. If I take college algebra and don't get in at ATC, this will count as a "second attempt" for other nursing programs. I wish all of the nursing programs in the area had the SAME requirements!
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    Any word yet anyone else? I'm out of town right now but will be home later...expecting something I'm the mail today though
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    I'm in North Augusta and I didn't get anything today

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