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Hi. Has anyone who has applied for the upcoming 2013 nursing received their letter yet??... Read More

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    If you look at last years thread, students didn't get their letters until July 7th(which was a Saturday) or later. So I wouldn't expect anything until July 6th or 8th. Seems like if you open your mailbox and there is a packet from ATC, your in!. If you open your mailbox and there is a letter, you didn't make it. Pure speculation on my part. Bad thing for me is I leave for a two week vacation this Saturday, so I might not find out until July 20th when I return home. Just remember, "Luck is planted with the seeds of determination". Good luck everyone!

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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have many dreams in life that will only come to fruition contingent upon my next few years...we don't get any younger. Kinda grim, but true.
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    I just talked to the administrative assistant at Aiken Tech. Letters may go out this Thursday but no promises....uggggg
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    I received word from Aiken Tech today that the application deadline was extended until July 11, and that the notifications would be out within the next three weeks. I'm curious as to why it was extended. Seems unfair to me, increasing the applicant pool after the due date making entry even more competitive.
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    Omg that's crazy!!! What the heck?? !!!
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    Right there with you on that one
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    Okay just got the facts!!! It was the allied Heath programs... Dental, sur tech, coding... That got extended bc trying to get more apps.. Nursing did NOT!!! Letters go out TOMORROW !!!
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    Can't wait!!! So does anyone know how much moola we will have to shell out WHEN we make it? (being positive here) for books, fees, etc.... Good luck to y'all!
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    Well bbroadbent1106, it seems we have received conflicting information. Maybe the person I spoke with wasn't up to date on what was really going on the other day when I got my email. At least now this gives me something to look forward to for the rest of the week, although I'm hoping for the big packet! As to the cost janeyloo, a few semesters ago I balked at the price of the A&P book in the bookstore, the cashier told me that if I thought that was expensive, I should see what the first semester nursing students have to pay... then she gave me a figure around a thousand give or take a few hundred. But, that figure could be off too. Good luck guys!
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    Matt1924- lol that's ok that's how it normally works!! Iv just cut out the middle personel and have gone straight to the Dean.... So I guess will see!! Good luck))))

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