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Hi. Has anyone who has applied for the upcoming 2013 nursing received their letter yet??... Read More

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    Hi everyone. Just a friendly note saying I'm in! Aiken Tech Nursing classes starting Spring 2013....
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    Message to Pearl77:

    1.The allnurses system does not allow me to private message yet because I have not made enough posts.

    2. My nursing classes for the spring semester have not populated to yet.

    3. Have you tried to access your account? You should have access information in your blue orientation folder. If you can activate your account you should be able to access some of the nursing modules. That is the best way I have found to get ahead.

    Have you bought all of your books yet?

    Good Luck.

    I hope you get this message,

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    Thank you Gerald. I just sent an email directly to your atc address.
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    Hi!! Has anyone applied or know of anyone that has applied for the fall 2013 semester??!! If so what are/were your/ their points now that the point system has changed due to a W=first attempt?!!
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    I applied for Fall 2013. I'm not sure where I stand with points. I asked them to approve a higher level math (haven't heard back) and I'm currently taking micro. I only have 23 pts without math and micro being considered, and I haven't taken any classes at AT. Did they make changes to the 45 pt max system?
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    I only had 34 points and that's with all my classes, i hope that's enough 🙏. Do you have any idea when we'll know about acceptance?
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    MJB73- yes now the point system is max at 47...
    VRHM9911- iv been told after July 4;/
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    The wait is going to drive me crazy!
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    When I dropped off my app in May, they told me letters will go out in June.
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    Do you know if they'll send a rejection letter if you're not accepted?
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    I'm not sure but that would be nice to know!!! My stomach is already in knots!!
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    Mine too! I've been driving my husband crazy
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    Just recieved my response email and we should get our acceptance or denial;( letter during first week of July!!
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