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Hi. Has anyone who has applied for the upcoming 2013 nursing received their letter yet??... Read More

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    I would assume that it is Volume 1, though I don't remember anyone being specific. The first volume states at the beginning of the chapter the "theoretical knowledge," and the second volume "practical knowledge." So it is my belief that we should have an understanding of what we should do before we "practice" if that makes sense.

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    Has anyone been able to get accepted into the RN program with a 3.0 Gpa and only 34 points?
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    I got in with a cumulative gpa of 3.1 and 33 points because six years ago I was given an incomplete in a course which affected my average and points big time. Not sure if they calculated that or not, but without it I would have had a ~3.5 and 37 points. I'm sure a few got in with lower scores than me, so my advice is to shoot for the stars- you won't know for sure until you try
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    Hi! I am new to this website. Can anyone inform me on how long it ususally takes to get an acceptance letter? The deadline for the application for Jan 2014 is 9/27/2013...

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