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Are there any other Aiken Tech students getting ready to apply for the Fall 2012 addmissions?... Read More

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    Pearl, I did not get it, but then my email has been kicking a lot of things into spam lately...maybe try again?
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    I just sent it again. Hopefully you ll get it this time.
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    Hey all. I was wondering what everyone had as far a GPA and points go. I'm applying for the program Fall '13 at Aiken Tech. Augusta Tech I'm not sure because they're still not nationally accredited and I'm a Army spouse and we're only stationed here until 2015. So I really need something that already nationally accredited. However I did call them and they said it should be accredited nationally by then. As of right now I have a 3.6 GPA. I guess I'm looking at to see how low the points and GPA they went. If anyone could help out that would be great. c:
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    I'm also applying for the Fall '13 nursing program at atc. After this semester I will have a total of 38 (possibly 40) points with a 3.75 GPA and I was just wondering if any of ya'll know the likelihood of my being accepted with that information?

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