Aiken Tech Students Apply for 2012 Fall Admissions - page 4

Are there any other Aiken Tech students getting ready to apply for the Fall 2012 addmissions?... Read More

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    jen, thank you for the info. congrats that you got into the program.
    i got one more question; when is the mandatory orientation?

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    The mandatory one is Tuesday, July 24...I believe its from 8-3 or 8:30-3:30...not near my planner right now but I know that's the correct date...then there is an optional one in August...that one has 2 dates offered...August 7th 9-11 am or August 16th 12-2 pm...

    Just let me know if I can be of any more help!
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    Jen, thanks a lot for letting me know!
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    I wanted to send you a private message, but cant figure out how to do it. Can you see if you can send me one?
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    Pearl, are you talking to me?
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    Yes, sorry I forgot to put your name in the post.
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    It won't allow me to send private messages either; it says we can't until we've posted 15 topics or something like can send me an email if that's easier...
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    Hey pearl, did you send me a message as Ms. Diane? Just curious...
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    Jen, Did you get my email?
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    Pearl, I did not get it, but then my email has been kicking a lot of things into spam lately...maybe try again?

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