Aiken Tech Fall 2011

  1. 0 Hopefully, I'll be accepted into the Jan. 2012 program and have questions about the first semester. Pls. respond if you can help.
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    what r ur questions?
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    I'd like to get a jump start on the two classes that I'll be taking. Do you know where I can get copies of the syllabuses and are you going to sell your books? Also, do you have any pointers or suggestions for my success (other than studying hard)? What are the hours, days, and locations for lab for Nur 101? You can send me a private message @
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    Are you taking NUR101 and Pharm? You can get your books on amazon. We use all the same books throughout the program except you will need a pharm, ob, peds, and leadership book in addition to the huge package of books they tell you to get for 101. Lab & clinical are different for everyone it depends on how ur instructor divides you up. Don't try to memorize much except pharm. It's all in how you apply the information and prioritization. Nclex study guides help I have only used them recently and ATI. Definitely use the websites that go along with your books. Clinical for 101 will be in random nursing homes, hopefully you will get one close to your home. When do you start?
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    Hopefully I'll start in Jan. 2012. I think my points are high enough. I am waiting for confirmation. Thanks for your help.
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