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I work in an Elementary and have an occasional student pee in his/her pants. We assist in hygiene, change to clean clothes, and send a note home to parents informing of incidence and to ask to return the borrowed clothes. ... Read More

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    Those that don't have to deal with it are so lucky. They send them to me because it's a hygeine issue plus it's a central location for extra clothes. We have a couple who I swear are just not potty trained. At one school I have a church that donates extra clothes which is wonderful. If I start running low I call the parent to bring clothes if I can reach them. One kid pooped his pants big time and thankfully I reached mom who comes in and literally tries to hand me his clothes. Um no thank you! I'm like you can take him to the bathroom down the hall. On that note, they are installing diaper changing areas for pre-k next year. The teachers will have fun with that. Potty training will no longer be a requirement for new preK. I think that's insane. It's going to turn into a free daycare for many!

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