Teacher gripe/vent

  1. Today I had one of the Pre-K kiddos fall down and bite their lip. You guessed it, because it was in the mouth the blood just flowed. Kid gets carried into my office by the teacher, who no matter what the topic knows it all (so she thinks). The teacher is breathless, and the kid is holding a bloodied paper-towel to her mouth kicking and screaming. Every time I attempt to calm the student to actually assess the situation, this teacher butts in and says "the nurse is just going to ..." Problem being, this teacher did not know what I was going to do, and whatever she said was not only wrong, but it made the kid howl more! Oh my gosh, I wanted to dope-slap her and yell "get out of my office and just leave the kid with me before you COMPLETELY screw this whole visit up"! Restraint prevailed though, and I calmly said "I got it. You can get back to your other students".

    Took all the restraint I had...
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  3. by   Jolie
    Good for you!

    Sounds like a teaching moment I would use with my teen age daughter. I wanted to say, "blah...blah...blah..." but instead, I put on my best fake smile and just thanked the teacher for all her help...