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    Having time off during the week has me I have always been interested in being a school nurse so I decided to look into substitute nursing for my days off - I was shocked to find that the pay rate for my area is $70/day with a 7 hour day! Sub Teachers make $60.....just curious what others have found in their area and why in the world would they pay so little, for such a huge responsibility!
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    $135/day. 8 hr day. In Nebraska.
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    We are also $70 for a 7 hour day. Ridiculous if you ask me considering they require a bachelor's degree to sub.
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    How do they get anyone to work? I'm thinking I would not do it for $70/day..then taxes come out? Where do you all live? Is this a public school?
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    $100/day for 6.5 hours here. Surrounding district are higher about $130-140 but we are a very small school
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    $100/8 hour day for sub nurse, sub teachers make $75/8 hour day
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    Quote from schoolnurse09
    How do they get anyone to work? I'm thinking I would not do it for $70/day..then taxes come out? Where do you all live? Is this a public school?
    The problem in my district is that they DON'T get anyone to work for that, lol. Not RNs anyway. They have now started training sub teachers to cover in the nurse's office. I trust my staff who know the kids and who I have trained for their specific issues, but a layperson who does not even know the kids covering for me is SCARY!

    I am in Texas in a large, urban, primarily low-income and minority district.
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    it used to be 80 per day for sub nurses and teachers. We lobbied my district and got the pay increased for nurses to 150/day. it has helped slightly
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    I live in Maine - it's a fairly large school district...I don't think they get subs either for this reason. I did see where one school school district paid $140/day. I did bring it up to the central office, I told her I made $22/hr giving flu shots at Walmart this fall!!! Seems to me theres a lot more responsiblity with Diabetics, etc. than giving flu shots.
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    It is considering the education one must have and not to mention the responsibility. I realize schools are having it tough, but gee whiz!
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    23.80/hr, the actual time you are there can vary from 4-7 hours. in Ohio.
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    I've only seen one ad locally (Boston) for sub school RN's and it was also for $70 or $80/day. I truly cannot believe they expect people to hold the lives of children in their hands for what you can make working at Target.....I passed on applying, in case that's not clear!