School nurse requirements in mass

  1. Hello, I just got a job as a substituite school nurse and I loved it. I am looking into doing it full time. I have my associates RN license. Do I need my BSN to take my teachers certificat?
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    You should contact:
    - your state school nurses association
    - your state school nurse consultant

    To be licensed as a school nurse in Massachusetts, an individual must ultimately either earn a masters degree or NBCSN national certification, which requires a bachelors degree.

    All school nurses working in Massachusetts must be licensed with the Department of Education as are all administrators, teachers and other support personnel.

    As of September 1, 1998, all support personnel, including school nurses, who apply for initial licensure, will be required to meet the qualifying score on Department of Education communication and literacy skills test. This is the same requirement for all other support personnel, such as a school psychologist, school guidance counselor, school social worker, library media specialist, speech and language therapists, etc.

    Licensure for any administrator, teacher or support personnel requires
    A Bachelor's Degree
    Passing Score(s) on MTEL
    Additional Coursework per specialty

    For school nurses, in addition to possession of the Initial License and completion of three years of employment, the school nurse must complete one of the following requirements before she/he may apply for the Professional Licensure:

    1. Achievement and maintenance of certification or licensure by a nationally recognized professional nursing association as a school nurse, community health nurse or a pediatric/family/school nurse practitioner.

    2. A Master's Degree program that may include credit earned in a Master's Degree program for the Initial License in community health, health education, nursing or public health.

    In effect, a school nurse who is applying for the Professional License may take the NBCSN examination (or other national certification, as noted above) or present evidence of a Master's Degree in the stated specialty areas.
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    thanks so much!!