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  1. I currently work in a school district that hires clinic aides to assist the school nurses. Some handle the clinic by themselves, with the nurse a phone call away, while others, with a larger student population, work side by side with the nurse. I am trying to get more information on other districts which may employ people in similar situations. Can anyone help me out? I am interested in education requirements, pay scale and responsiblities. Any other information would be helpful, too.
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  3. by   bergren
    The ed and pay for health room aides varies from state to state and district to district.

    The last district I worked in many aides were former RNs who'd let their license lapse.

    It requires ususally a high school diploma. Training once hired is also varied - sometimes taining all within the school district , or the empolyee is sent to training.

    Pay, in my experience, ranges from minimum wage to $15/hour based more on regional pay scales than education or experience. The average is between $8 - 10 / hour