1. Hi Ladies,

    My name is Alice and I'm an LPN in PA and I started as a Clinical Assistant in October of 2011 at the local Vo-tech. I do all of the training for the nurse aide program at the clinical sites of hospitals and nursing homes. I love the job!! I will soon be picking up some extra hours at the vo-tech subbing for the school nurse. Anyway, now on to my questions.
    I know you have to have your RN BSN at be certified to be a school nurse in PA, however, I know that LPN's work at some local schools. Does it mean that an LPN can work (for example) at the elementary school as long as an RN BSN CSN works within the school district (let's say the high school) overseeing her?

    Also, if you started out subbing at a school, approximately how long did it take for you to get a full-time position? Do they usually offer a position to a sub or do they interview outside as well? Were you hired salary or hourly? In other words, do you get a check over the summer?

    I really want to pursue being a school nurse and have also applied at my kids school district to sub and they emailed me back stating someone would get back to me soon and in the meantime they would send me an application to complete. There are 7 elementary schools, 3 middles schools and 1 high school in our district so I am hoping that a position could open in the near future.

    Sorry for all the questions. I am just excited!!
    Alice, LPN
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  3. by   mycsm
    in NJ you need to have minimum RN in order to get hired. Helps if you have BSN/CSN.

    I subbed for 5 yrs knowing I wanted to be hired fulltime and took every sub day possible and it paid off. im fulltime as of few yrs ago. The poistion must (by law) be posted to the public. You can apply as soon as it is posted, you wil get interviewed, but they must must must post it
    I do not get paid over the summer. To make up for the lost paycheck, I work perdiem as camp nurse.

    Good Luck!!