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  1. Hi there! I teach a 4th grade Puberty/Hygiene class in our schools. We separate boys from girls and talk about menstrating with the girls and more hygiene with the boys. We currently use 'Straight Talk: Period' for the girls and 'Whatsa Hygiene' for the boys. I am looking for some suggestions for new videos. I can't stand the Whatsa Hygiene video. The boys really lose interest in it and it does feel silly and outdated. We use the Always changing video for the 5th graders.
    Videos can be very costly, so I want to make a good decision before purchasing. Any suggestions for a good hygiene 4th grade video for boys (and girls)?
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  3. by   Sudsy
    Sorry, I was going to suggest the Always video....

    I'm teaching hygiene to 7th gr. girls on Monday. It's my first time teaching this. Any tips? I found a good brochure online, but do you do any worksheets, etc?

    Thank you!
  4. by   Cherry Ames Peds RN
    Last year for 4th grade I used this poem: I read the poem and had the kids tell me what Sid could do to "clean up his act". Then I handed out a word search puzzle that I had made with words to find like "soap" and "deodorant" and a hidden phrase made up of the leftover letters. There are puzzle making sites where you can easily do this. The kids loved the whole lesson and as they finished the puzzle and could tell me the hidden phrase, I gave them a hygiene related prize like a toothbrush or a deodorant sample.