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I have a little bit of an odd profession. I am a nurse paraprofessional. The county health department takes care of all the health plans and the lice checks etc. I monitor kids or help with... Read More

  1. by   camprn1
    For providing education services to the teaching staff I would contract that service separately than the para job. And charge the district a hefty PROFESSIONAL hourly fee.
  2. by   bub&sis
    I recently applied for a job at a high school. School is looking for an lpn to be a health paraprofessional. The job description clearly states I would be following doctors orders, tube feedings, transporting students safely, etc. I think they add paraprofessional to the title because the job description also states that we may be asked to help out in the classroom with clerical duties, etc. There are many forms of nursing. If this type of nursing makes you happy, I say go for it! I'm certainly interested in the same thing. To be on my kids schedule, summers off with a paycheck. I've been an lpn in peds home health for 2 yrs and I'm ready for a change. I'll still work home health prn. Good luck!