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  1. 0 Hi everyone!
    Looking for advice- I have been an ICU nurse for 3 years and recently completed my school nurse certification. A few weeks ago, my preceptor in the elementary school where I did my practicum called me to let me know her job was opening up. (Important to note she was happy at this school, but left for financial reasons). I applied and within 2 weeks I was hired! I start next Tuesday. I am spending one day with the nurse this week, but my first day she will not be there!

    I have one school (about 500 students) and cover another school (I know the RN at that school, and she is great). I love the fact that I will be in one building full time!

    I am excited because I am already familiar with the health room, documentation system, some staff, and some students. However I can't help but feel a little nervous about starting! I know it is such a different world than the hospital.. what is your advice about getting started, especially in the middle of the year?

    Thanks for any advice!! Just browsing this forum has already been so helpful!
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