August 2011 Journal of School Nursing TOC

  1. The Journal of School Nursing Online Table of Contents Alert
    A new issue of The Journal of School Nursing is available online:
    1 August 2011; Vol. 27, No. 4
    The below Table of Contents is available online at:
    Ethical Treatment of School Children in Research: Assuring Informed Consent
    Julia Muennich Cowell
    J Sch Nurs 2011;27 247-248

    Presidential Inaugural Address: Advocacy, Access, and Achievement
    Linda Davis-Alldritt
    J Sch Nurs 2011;27 249-251

    Evidence Based Practice & Policy
    Evaluation of an Intervention Program to Increase Immunization Compliance Among School Children
    Karlen E. Luthy, Aubrey Thorpe, Leah Clark Dymock, and Samantha Connely
    J Sch Nurs 2011;27 252-257

    Connecting With Frequent Adolescent Visitors to the School Nurse Through the Use of Intentional Interviewing
    Adria C. Pavletic
    J Sch Nurs 2011;27 258-268

    A Collaborative Approach to Diabetes Management: The Choice Made for Colorado Schools
    Nichole Bobo, Leah Wyckoff, Kathleen Patrick, Cathy White, Sue Glass, Jessie Parker Carlson, and Christine Perreault
    J Sch Nurs 2011;27 269-281

    Integrative Reviews
    The Effects of Self-Management Education for School-Age Children on Asthma Morbidity: A Systematic Review
    Emily Ahmad and Deanna E. Grimes
    J Sch Nurs 2011;27 282-292

    The Integration of Counseling and Nursing Services into Schools: A Comparative Review
    Erin Maughan and K. D. Troup
    J Sch Nurs 2011;27 293-303

    Research Article
    Health Promotion and Risk Behaviors Among Adolescents in Turkey
    Tulay Ortabag, Serpil Ozdemir, Bilal Bakir, and Nuran Tosun
    J Sch Nurs 2011;27 304-315

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