St. Joseph School of Nursing in RI. Fall 2013 - page 3

Is anyone else going to St. Joes this fall or anyone have any information about the program, what worked, what didn't?... Read More

  1. by   nursehannah
    Hi! I graduated in 2015 and as far as I know things haven't changed much. For the uniforms they give you specific brand (Landau) and style number and color (royal blue) and you have to go to Alexanders uniforms in Warwick because they sew a school patch onto your uniform. I do know that a couple of people (myself included) purchased pants that were the right color and brand but a different style number simply because neither of the style numbers the school have came in tall sizes. No one ever said anything about me having different pants. No one ever got different tops though because your tops that you wear to clinical have to have the school patch on them. To lecture you can pretty much wear whatever you want, though they always encouraged us to look professional (most people didn't wear like ripped jeans or tattered clothing) and for labs you can wear any scrubs if you want to or just comfortable clothing like yoga pants because they want you to be able to move around just as easily as you would in scrubs in case you have to climb up on the bed or something to be the lab "patient"