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I know this is sort of off topic, but as I wait to apply to nursing school I'd like to take a phlebotomy course in addtion to a CNA course. I know CCRI offers one, but it also is a two semester application only type of course. ... Read More

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    Yes you can go to this place as far as I know the give clases for free... for CNA clases


    455 Douglas Avenue
    Providence, Rhode Island 02908

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    Chris i will like to know how can i contact u because i had a cna certification before, and now it expired. I will like to do the plhebotomy course too, but in ccri it is too expensive, what can u teel me,and how i cant reach u. Myspace, facbook, msn, aim i dont know.
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    For free CNA classes I got mine through HomeFront, they have offices all over the state, google the providence one for more info, I know their next class wont be until FEB 2012, also St. Antoines nursing home does free classes too.
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