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Hello All I just have a general question. If I applied to the CCRI nursing program February 1, 2012 when should I hear back by? Thank you!:)... Read More

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    does anyone know of anyone who is hiring a medical assistant full time. a friend of mine that works at a doctors office with me has 2 kids and they told her they do not need her anymore. i am trying to help her out because she has become a good friend! if anyone you know is hiring inbox me or leave a post on here with information !!!

    thanks in advance

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    I just got word from Margaret Clifton. Via email, that orientation will be sometime in July.
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    OMG I hope it is not when I am on vacation!!!
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    Quote from butterfliesandzebras
    I just got word from Margaret Clifton. Via email, that orientation will be sometime in July.
    AWESOMEEE!!!!!!!! lol so we only have like a month to begin reading!
    i wonder when our offical acceptance is coming in the mail!
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    Ok, I got a RN mentor, he's awesome! The first advice he gave me is this;

    " Any nursing question will be like this..

    1 stupid answer
    1 wrong answer
    2 correct answers (1 is more right)
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    lol!!!!!!!!! well that means we really have to know our crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote from jdcri
    I have my bachelors from RIC and received aid - still paying it off and I have used aid for some but not all courses here with no issue - very strange that you need to do this! What a PIA!!
    Yup. Well the best part was no one even emailed me, notified me...nothing. I noticed when i went under myccri and clicked on financial aid. I busted my you-know-what paying cash for the pre-reqs as i wanted to be responsible and loan the least amount possible...LOL Well jokes on me i guess? I am hoping an official acceptance letter will suffice, but alas, i cant get a straight answer out of ANYBODY! I did already write my appeal letter, since im nto really sure what i should be writing, i explained how i could not find gainful employment with my previous degree, therefore i need to get this degree to get employment and my financial circumstances cannot afford tuition haha. I hate CCRI. I did email Ms. Clifton, so i am hoping she has more insight for me. I have heard on the FB group a lot of people have had this issue and appealed and turned out OK...which makes me feel better, but i cannot wait until July...IN CASE i do get denied i need to find an alternate way to afford this...UGHHH

    So RI has the lowest unemployment rate ever and i owe the government no money....i am trying to better myself and get employment and they deny me loan money???
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    Yes and I have 20 k in loans from ric and they let me get more!!
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    well heres for hoping they let me get SOME LOL!!! Absolutely ridiculous. haha. Like i said i'd feel better if people were helpful in letting me know when i can appeal, when our major will change, when we ill be enrolled etc haha.

    This is going to be a long 2 years...
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    Ok guys, I'm freeeeking out right now! I just got a call from the nursing dept and they said I have to meet with ms. Clifton (warwick campus) next week??? I still haven't received a formal letter yet and they woman I spoke to does not know what the meeting is in regards to....does anyone know what's up? Or did you get a call like this? Soooo nervous, you think they would give a heads up on what the meeting is so I don't get caught off guard!

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