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It's so quiet in here lately! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I dropped off my application to CCRI yesterday after my Micro grade posted. According to the website, those accepted off the... Read More

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    northofnowhere I went to talk to someone today and your correct need that humanities prior to graduating but not a pre-req to get in.
    i think i'll just take that Spanish for healthcare workers in the spring
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    Hi...when i was at freshman orientation this spring (i'm a transfer student dealing with the worst communication problems i've ever seen at a school) i was told that if you get all A's, you will get in immediately. When you get B's then you end up on a list.

    they told me numerous times to work my tail off because that's the only way to guarantee you won't be wait listed (even though they said it's technically gone).

    reason being, they want the cream of the crop.
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    I agree shift...I love CCRI, everything there is truly top notch, but it is really tough to come by a straight answer!