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Hello, I am scheduled to take the CNA test (CCRI) in a few weeks, has anyone out there taken it lately? What is on it? Anything in particular I should be studying?:confused: Once I get into the course, do you have any... Read More

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    Congrats to Pamela! I just noticed your update.

    The pre-test is really easy. Just a lot of reading comprehension. Take your time and you'll be fine!

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    On the pre test keep track of the time it is not 2 hrs.
    Sample question would go like this;
    Mrs. Smith loves to garden, she has been interested in it since she was sixteen
    she has even though of writing a book about her love of garden and flowers.
    (It will be longer)
    a. Mrs. Smith wants to be a teenager again
    b. Mrs. Smith want a job in a library
    c. Mrs. Smith likes dirt under her nails
    d. Mrs. Smith would like to work in a florist shop

    d- would be the best for this question

    Also I was told, after the fact, that when in doubt pick C or the longest answer, and if two answers are right the correct answer is probably D (all of the above)

    I am going to Lincoln (nights)

    There is a quiz (80 questions and then a few more thrown in) about every 2 weeks on the chapters you have covered, you have to get a 75 or you are out of the program. Total of 4 then clinical then final exam and then the state exam. Stressful, so you live with that every 2 weeks.

    Check out the web sight

    I can also give you the DVD that is in the book that you get when you register for the class, that can get you started and a few other info things
    If you are interested let me know and we can meet or I can mail it to you. The info I can do with email mostly the diagnosis that you need to learn, but would do it with your home email and not on this forum.

    Hey I haven't been back to school in over 30 years, and I passed the pretest, and you will to

    Wishing you the best
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    Hello everyone,
    Im trying to get in the CNA program. but im stressing about the pre-test. My reading comp is not so good. is there any good websites besides the one that has been told on here. I had taken this course in GA but i wasnt smart and didnt take the state test so now i have to take the course over again. i would very much like all you all help thanks

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