CCRI's Day Program in Lincoln for Spring 2014 - Anyone else apply? - page 5

I just started the waiting game. If anyone knows when applicants will be notified of acceptance, please share the info. Best of luck to all who applied! :)... Read More

  1. by   Krismar
    I applied to Newport also. There's a link on the CCRI website that says the Newport day program accepts 32 students.
  2. by   Krismar
    This is the link:

    I just noticed it's for 2012-2013 but at least it gives us an idea. Good luck to you! maybe we'll be classmates.
  3. by   Mommy42
    I applied at Newport too
  4. by   lap1514
    Hi! I came across this today... I also applied for Jan in Lincoln. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that last year the emails, both acceptance & rejections, were sent on Wednesday, Oct. 3rd. So, I'm thinking it is a good possibility that the decisions will be made close to the same time. Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   Tanyshar
    Yeah, I was thinking the 1st week in October also. I was pretty much fine up until now. I feel like a kid at Christmas at this point. I hope I get what I asked for and not a stocking full of coal lol
  6. by   tjones197069
    Thank you SO much! This is my second time applying to Newport ... Maybe I should try another campus?! I never knew that we had the ability to see (beforehand) how many seats each campus had to offer! Maybe I should try Warwick or Lincoln next time, if I don't get accepted! Good luck to you, as well!
  7. by   tjones197069
    I seen that, as well! I noticed that the past few years, e-mails were sent out around the same date!
  8. by   tjones197069
    I didn't know aqbout checking my Degree Evaluation, to see if it had been pulled ... I just kept checking my PBHS application to see if it had been evaluated! This was the first time I applied online, not in person, at Enrolloment Services ... I usually just hand them my packet & they stamp it!
  9. by   tjones197069
    Now I'm scared, seeing that they only have 32 seats available!
  10. by   tjones197069
    Thank you ... Good luck to you, as well. Thanks for the information. I'm starting to get anxious at this point!
  11. by   Tiffietaffy
    I have applied for Lincoln also, this is my 4th time applying
  12. by   Tanyshar
    Omg 4th time? Now I'm realllyyy nervous
  13. by   Tanyshar
    Have you only applied to Lincoln campus? @Tiffietaffy

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