CCRI's Day Program in Lincoln for Spring 2014 - Anyone else apply? - page 12

I just started the waiting game. If anyone knows when applicants will be notified of acceptance, please share the info. Best of luck to all who applied! :)... Read More

  1. by   tjones197069
    - I don't know when we'll receive our "acceptance" letters?! Don't we have to do vaccinations to be to meet the criteria, in order to receive an acceptance letter or orientation invitation?
  2. by   Tanyshar
    From what I understand once your background check is complete CCRI gets a copy of the results as well. If your results come back clear you are all set in that area and will receive orientation information in the mail around November 1st.
  3. by   tjones197069
    - Thanks for the information ... I feel like I'll be "conditionally accepted" until the day I start Nursing 1!
  4. by   Krismar
    I just called the school to ask if we'll be hearing anything about our background checks. She said if the school hasn't contacted us then that's good news lol & they'll be sending out the orientation packets at the end of this month.
  5. by   Tanyshar
    Very good news..Thx!!
  6. by   tjones197069
    - Thanks for the information!
  7. by   mbraga92
    Anyone have any problems with the school nurse? I faxed her my immunization records and flu shot and she uploaded some things and not others. Like it says i need a flu shot and a color blind test and i did them. I went to her today directly and it sounded like she was on drugs not to be mean. No help at all.
  8. by   nah127
    Has anyone received their orientation packet yet?