ccri spring 2017 - page 2

I want to apply in august for ccri spring 2017 program. who else is applying and what are your scores... Read More

  1. by   Dee Marie
    hopefully we find out next week!!!
  2. by   Jellyone12
    Im waiting to hear if I got in warwick days. Anyone else
  3. by   Jellyone12
    Im waiting for warwick days as well 😆
  4. by   blynnn
    emails will be out by the end of the month they said!
  5. by   Kperrotta
    I wish they would be more specific.
  6. by   I_have_answers
    Most likely this Friday around 3:30pm.
  7. by   Melissaj1983
    May I ask how long did it take everyone to finish your pre req classes?
  8. by   Belle1425
    It depends how many classes you're going to take per semester and if you can do summer classes then it would be better.