Ccri Spring 2013 admission - page 9

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Has anyone else applied to the program in Lincoln for January? Do you know when we are suppose to hear back?... Read More

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    I did not get an email yet.....How many points did you have Ffranco and ECM?
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    I had 130.
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    Also what time did you get the email? Should I keep checking tonight? Sorry for all the questions just going crazy hearing others find out.
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    That's ok. I understand the anxiety. I got the email around 7 tonight. I would keep checking.
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    I had 111 points 3.3 and -a in anatomy and physiology I really just don't get what I'm suppose to do next I got email at 4 or so
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    Good Luck Ffranco. I am sorry you did not get...keep at!!!
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    A- in Anatomy and Physiology is very good!!! most people flunked or did poorly in these classes,
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    Thank you I know god has his plans Made I'm very proud of where I am after dropping out of high school I am lucky I have a good job I won't give up on the dream
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    Ffranco I'm sorry you didn't get in. Please don't give up.
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    One of my friends is transferring to ric she didn't get in either I won't ill speak to my counselor and try to figure things out