Ccri Spring 2013 admission - page 7

Has anyone else applied to the program in Lincoln for January? Do you know when we are suppose to hear back?... Read More

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    what if someone is on the re-apply in October? You dont want to miss a chance to re-apply, I assume that if you dont make this one you will try-try again. It would be nice if they could get it done early enough for everyone to we need to line up finacial aide..get straight with work.etc...I expect to get in with very high grades, still people need to know in order to line things up. Face book was obviously a hoax. Good Luck< hope everyone on the board gets in>

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    From what I heard they called people the same week and said someone dropped out so your in plan on not planning with ccri you never know oh yeah someone I know got call same day class started he was lost because he never got to go to orientation
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    The website says they are not opening an application period in October. Also I called in may to see if they were doing an app period in June for the fall (I finished my Pre -reqs in may) and they said they weren't because with the new system it was taking longer to process the apps. So I don't know if they are not opening in oct because they're having the same situation or because they have enough applications to fill the slots. So if we don't get in this time we'll have to apply in jan? for next fall
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    We would have to apply in feb hoping that's not the case
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    My evaluation hasnt been review today im officially freaking out!
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    dont worry, mine was not looked at today either, yesterday yes, today no, sweat, relax
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    There hasn't been an second open enrollment this year. I also finished in May. Next enrollment is Feb. Which means another whole year of waiting to start. Ugh! Trying to stay positive. Also that lady on FB is mean!! Probably was some sort of breaching experiment!
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    This is really sad all I think about is that email seems like time has stopped
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    Allnurse, FB, CCRI email, Allnurse, FB, CCRI email, tick tock tick tock!!!!!

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