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Has anyone else applied to the program in Lincoln for January? Do you know when we are suppose to hear back?... Read More

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    Hi they looked at my transcript today and no email yet that person on f b is really mean that's not right I heard that too and went on to check for the 5 th time of the day

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    It's 4 pm by the way not 7 and its oct 1
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    Mine was last pulled on Friday, I applied for the Lincoln campus. Makes me crazy that some pulled today, some not, one person said the wait is over. Just needs to be a better system of knowing, or a chart showing us where we rank against others. I'll post here also with whatever answer is giving from CCRI. Until than I'll be hitting the refresh button on my CCRI email
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    What's your GPa pinky mine was ok 3.30 I hate the wait game too
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    3.15 not as high as all of you, but still hopeful!
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    Spoke to mike Haynes in admissions providence he said the process takes 2 months we will just keep praying pinky
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    Emailed Robert admission Warwick he said letters will be sent end of oct
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    I'll keep praying, but mine wasn't pulled today or yesterday yet. Like others are. So I'm becoming more doubtful. Good luck!!!!
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    It seems that everyone spoken to at CCRI has a different answer. I don't think any of them really know. I think the only people who really know are those in the nursing department that are processing the applications. I've called twice and got different answers.
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    They seemed sure and mike said 2 months and that coincides with rob saying end of October

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