Ccri Spring 2013 admission - page 5

Has anyone else applied to the program in Lincoln for January? Do you know when we are suppose to hear back?... Read More

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    Did they I'm confused about how many times do they have to check them

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    Just the computer pulling them I'm sure. Some of my friends had their's pulled over 50 times for spring 2012. Might not mean anything, but I would like to think if their pulling it I'm still in the game! lol
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    I know I think the same
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    Someone on the CCRI nursing FB page said they got in. Anyone have their transcript pulled today with no e-mail or received acceptance letter today?!?!?!
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    Nothing on this end..
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    Hi everyone. I just signed up as a member but I have been following this discussion. I also applied for CCRI spring nursing. I have not received an answer but my evaluation was pulled today. Also I spoke with someone in admissions who said we should hear by mid October. Is it possible that person on FB was lying? I don't know I'm just super anxious is all!
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    Who knows? Mine was pulled Thursday and again today. I didnt hear anything yet. I saw the facebook hoopla. Even though they say mid October,,,I bet it will be this week, hard not to keep checking my email...good luck
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    I will post here if I hear anything from CCRI
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    I think that person on Facebook didnt have much to do today and decided to play a joke on us. NOT FUNNY!
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    could be a joke,no one else has head anything, but I have a feeling it will be soon,

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