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Has anyone else applied to the program in Lincoln for January? Do you know when we are suppose to hear back?... Read More

  1. by   lmgunning
    Hi Lesterfer11 what campus did you get accepted to? Congrats...I have my letter but I am afraid to open going to do it tonight when I get home from work so I am not sobbing at my desk!
    Good luck!
  2. by   Ffranco
    I had 111 only
  3. by   mjCNA
    Hi All-
    I have been reading your posts since September and wanted to make a few comments and ask a few questions.
    I also didn't get into CCRI-i am disappointed, but not surprised-my total points were 111. I wonder how many times will you re-submit your application?? Does this first rejection mean that we shouldn't continue?? I have read how some people have gotten in after their third attempt, but i wonder if nursing school was much more difficult for them? i am curious how students with a GPA of 3.8 didn't get in???? And, does anyone know how many seats were open for Newport Day?? I am a believer that things happen for a reason, but i am confused if this just isn't the right time or maybe it shouldn't be at all. Congrats to those who got in, my condolences to those who didn't! Any comments/opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  4. by   Pink777
    I'll keep applying until I get into a nursing program. CCRI is not the only option. I'm not going to lie, but I'm still emotional about it. As far as 3.8 gpa, there was only 40 spots in Newport. 40 people had better grades. Lincoln had 72 spots, me and the rest of my friends applied there with B or better grades, we all had no luck. Providence took as low as 94 points in the spring. My one night program friend has been applying to Lincoln nights for 3 years, she has a 3.30 gpa. No luck so far. Button line is you need a 4.0 and A's in order to compete in a pool of people, but no one knows next time the pool of people good be average B students. It's like playing the lotto. Changes every application period. Best time to apply is in the spring. More campuses, more spots, better the chances are. I think I can speak for all of us who didn't get in, we have been delayed, but not derailed! It's a lifelong dream for me that I need to accomplish before my time is up on this earth. So I'll keep fighting, no mountain big enough to get in my way of my goals!
  5. by   lmgunning
    Quote from Bdev628
    Has anyone else applied to the program in Lincoln for January? Do you know when we are suppose to hear back?

    Has anyone heard from Newport Campus Days of acceptance to Nursing program at CCRI? I have and did not get in but was just curious if they are doing regrets only right now then acceptance.... so bummed never thought it would hurt this bad...Good luck to all those were got in! Hope to re apply in February
  6. by   Ffranco
    Ccri Is refusing good people to get in , which is a shame , when did having A and B become bad ? I'm looking at other colleges and or diploma programs I was very upset but I won't stop now ! Half of those people that are going in wont last in the program , because health care is a life time commitment no A can help you Learn how to cope with life threatening emergencies and even dead.
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  7. by   Pink777
    Everyone should of heard by now, denials and acceptance emails and letters have gone out.
  8. by   Hollyon
    When I called on thurs, I was told all emails went out. At that point I didn't get one so I was told to call deb Watson. I also emailed her. Around 7pm I finally received my email acceptance letter. So if you have not been contacted speak to her or email her.
  9. by   Pink777
    Holly, Congrats! That's crazy you had to chase your email!
  10. by   Hollyon
    Thank you pink! Yeah it was crazy! Needless to say I spent my whole day dwelling on it!
  11. by   Pink777
    Good things come to those who wait. Congrats again! :-)
  12. by   mjCNA
    Thank you-your attitude is refreshing! It's understandable that you are still emotional about it-i am too! i do feel better though knowing that there were only 40 spots in Newport!! Best of luck to you-attitude is'll be sure to get in soon!!!!!
  13. by   mgalano
    Wow congrats to everyone! Seems like just yesterday I was on here talking to others about getting accepted, but it was really this time 2 years ago... I applied in the October 2010 ,for spring 2011 lincoln, period and heard back of my acceptance around thanksgiving. I cant even believe they won't be having an october app period. Things have changed so much since I was accepted, I was accepted first try with a 3.4 gpa and they didn't have this point system. It all goes by so fast and those who didn't get accepted I know some people who got accepted second time without retaking classes. It truly is a wonderful program and I am very excited to be graduating in december from this program! (well fingers crossed.. still have to finish nursing 5 ;] ) GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!