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Has anyone else applied to the program in Lincoln for January? Do you know when we are suppose to hear back?... Read More

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    oh yeah! Pink is right! it does look like they have been looking at our degrees over the last couple of days. at least you know they have your application, and you are not forgotten,,,anyone put in for newport?
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    I put my application in Lincoln, I'm an average student with a dream!
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    I hope you get in!!! good luck everyone!!!
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    Thank you! Same to you also and everyone else!
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    Hi everyone...I applied also for Spring 2013...someone I know applied last year in August and they received a response on 9/28. I think and am hoping we will hear something this week...Good Luck to everyone!
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    I can't wait anymore! lol
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    Anyone hear anything recently? Im getting so antsy!!
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    I haven't heard a thing...I am anxious as well!
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    Someone said they called today and they said the end of October, early November!
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    Hi I'm not nearly as High as you guys untie point range but I have been a Cna 10 yrs and in school forever I just want to finish my poor kids are growing with a part time mom I heard 1st week of oct praying to hear positive too
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    They looked at mine sep 20 th last time , I'm a mess now I don't know if that's good or bad thanks for info anyways guys and gals
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    I wish I was a CNA, I could be making some much needed extra cash. plus the CNA will have a leg up on me in clinicals,,,BP and all that. I suppose we all check our emails...often!!
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    Lester but the down side is that I do things one way and their going to try to teach me new ways lol I check the darn email like 5 times a day praying still Cna is nice but I know I can and will be a good nurse