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Has anyone else applied to the program in Lincoln for January? Do you know when we are suppose to hear back?... Read More

  1. by   Bdev628
    I understand what Lester is saying though. The people who applied in August should hear back before October because another application period is opening up in October. Has anyone talked to anyone from the nursing department recently?
  2. by   lesterfer11
    I talked to someone in admissions not an adivsor and he told me that I would find out at the end of September early October,,,he was very helpful and understood my anxiety..he said that they will be changing the application process soon, partly because of the problems we are all having..still they should tell us when we will be notified,,,at least they should have system in place so they can tell students,,, "you will receive a reply the week of...." I am glad I found this website and that I am not the only one with a lack of info,,,misery loves company. I hope we all get in! Good Luck!!
  3. by   lesterfer11
    oh...I did email a nurse/teacher a while back and she said that we should know by November! everyone gives a different answer, and I worry in the back of my mind that they lost the paper work or something,,,it would be nice if they just acknowledge that they have it. we all put a lot of work into being able to apply.
  4. by   Pink777
    I did notice that their not accepting applications in October, saying all seats are filled. Has anyone heard yet?
  5. by   goredsox186
    I applied for lincoln and i was worried if maybe they lost my application so i contacted the newport campus because they are handling nursing admissions for lincoln. The person i spoke with gave me verbal confirmation that my application was in her hand. She went on to say we should find out in the begining of october but we will see. Has anybody else figured out how many points they have for acceptance? Good luck to everybody
  6. by   Bkd628
    I dont think anyone has heard back yet. when i asked last week they told me noone would hear back until the middle of October. Did you call the nursing department at Newport or just admissions? How did everyone do in anatomy phys and dosage?
  7. by   lesterfer11
    I did very well in all classes, I was told that I would have no problem getting in== lots of points, I'll believe it when I get the notice. Hope evryone in this forum gets in. I apllied for Newport.
  8. by   lesterfer11
    So I was encouraged to call by goredsox186 and I was told that yes they do have my application!!! that is a relief!!!! but she said that they will process next week,,,and we will be notifed in the middle of October. Is anyone studying just in case you get in? I am trying to read and prepare as best I can, a little everyday so that it will be less stressful, have a better chance come "spring" Going over anatomy, physiology...I am not a CNA, hope to practice taking pulse, BP etc....hard to put a lot of time in studying with a cloud of uncertainty over my head,,,will I get in? I have a 154 points. I dont know how many points you need hopefully less than 154! I did not do great on my teas test, I did not study for it, and was surprised by the type of questions,
  9. by   Pink777
    Their running degree evaluations, the # on mine has gone up. I hear mid-October we should hear something. Good luck to all. Try not to let the anxiety kill us!
  10. by   redsoxgrl
    i applied in feb and we did not hear till middle end of april.

    My suggestion for you guys is to start going over dosage since 3 weeks in you have a dosage exam and they do not review anything, it is SELF STUDY. You must pass with an 85 or better or you are on clinical probation and you have 3 times to take the test throughout the semester. Believe me you want to pass first time because u have so much other stuff going on that you dont want to keep dedicating time to dosage. Once you get in get your books ASAP and start reading your taylor fundamentals book. GL!
  11. by   goredsox186
    @lesterfer11 you must have some awesome grades 154 points is alot. i myself have 139 hopefully that is enough. Last year at warwick campus they had around 75 slots to fill and the lowest point total accepted was 92. Unless some super genuises apply this semester we should be fine. @pink777 how do you find out how many degree evaluations were done on your profile?
  12. by   Pink777
    Go to:
    1.) Degree evaluation

    2.) What if analysis

    3.) Previous evaluation

    And watch the number go up and times/days. Be for warned stress levels go up more!
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  13. by   lesterfer11
    I think goredsox that you have a very good chance with 139, that seems like you had good grades. I had perfect grades,,,it was a lot of work though. especially physiology...not good at math, Ill take redsoxgrl advice and look over Dosage/calculations..I only got 9 points on the Teas.. really though I think 139 will get you in,, seems like a lot of points and listening to my advisor there are plenty who did not do as well as you good luck!!