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I dropped off my application at the Warwick campus on Feb 1. How long did it take to get the acceptance email? I am probably just really anxious. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.... Read More

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    I just mailed it Enrollment Services. Ii guess it really is grade based, but you could have gotten a rejection letter because the classes were all full. Make sure that you only apply to one program, do not apply to all the campuses because they will disqualify your application. Just be patient and re-apply and you will get in. And thank you for the congrats.
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    Just an update on the book situation for this fall semester. I went yesterday to the Knight campus in Warwick and they were all sold out of the nursing books and offered little help about the status of the other campus bookstores. I just came back from the Liston campus in Providence and they still had plenty of all the books and book packages. Hope this helps
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    Hey everyone!! I have to take the TEAS Test soon and was wondering if Geometry is covered. I cant seem to get a answer from CCRI....can someone please help!! I really dont want to re-learn geometry unless necessary.

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