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Hi everyone! I have a question about the application process at CCRI. I've tried asking a few advisors, but I get different answers. Hoping maybe someone here can help? Right now, I'm... Read More

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    The Lincoln campus for the evening program.. I wish you luck on getting in...

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    good luck!!! fingers crossed for all of us !!!!!!!!
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    Quote from MarissaC
    good luck!!! fingers crossed for all of us !!!!!!!!
    Did you get an email today?
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    god i hope you guys got them. i know they've been having computer issues but the selections are all done and the emails were supposed to go out yesterday. i know warwick day had @130 applicants for @ 82 spots. i didn't get the other numbers for other campuses sorry. good luck to you guys!
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    Okay that makes me nervous because I did not get an email ugh... But thank you for the helpful info
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    i talked to ms. clifton and she said that she wanted to get all emails out by friday evening but the nursing department had to double check something and the lastest we should hear by is this wed! (so she says).lol

    i have been sitting on the edge of my seat
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    no email in sight! lol
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    Omg. You just lifed weight off my shoulders for now.... This is just too much lol. Thanks for the update !!!
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    your welcome and i shall keep you updated. if you get and email let me know lol
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    Has anyone heard anything lately? I am goign crazy here!!! And my degree eval was pulled several times yesterday and twice today. Not sure what this means. ANyone else had their eval pulled lately? Thanks.

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