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  1. Hi,
    I am RN with 8years experience from India.I completed my NCLEX_RN and registered with state of New mexico. Rightnow I am in Phoenix,Az. Last 2 years I was not working because of my dependent visa status,now i have applied for work visa.Meanwhile I would like to know
    [LIST][*]How could I prepare ,equip myself to make myself fit into the career after 2 years break?[*]Though I am registered with State of New Mexico, I have not practiced in USA at all.Will it be a problem?[*]With New Mexico license can I work in Az ?

    Above all ,I did my NCLEX exam and GC filing all through an agency and I do not have any documents other than my nursing license number and my Photocopy of my NCLEX_RN exam passed certificate.What all the documents is needed to get a job or what are documents will be expected by hospitals from a foreign educated nurse to offer a job??

    Please help!!After longwaiting of two years just I got a way to get into my career,I do not want to take chances to lose this opportunity
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  3. by   POTR
    If it has been 2 years, your New Mexico license may already be expired, if you haven't renewed. You are also now going to have to start taking Continuing Education classes for credits to keep your license as well.

    Arizona and New Mexico are both NLC states, so you should be ok there if your license is still active, and you properly apply through the Arizona BON to work ( ) .

    Check the NM Bon website ( ) to see if your license is still good, if it is, you will probably want to make an immediate payment to keep it current. If it is expired, you will have to jump through whatever hoops NM Bon requires. If it is only a short time, then perhaps you can just re-apply, but you may have to re-take the NCLEX if they are stubborn, in which case, you may just as well start the process over in AZ.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   anamica
    Hello POTR,
    Thank you so much for your reply.My license is expiring in 3 months. After last renewal i was not working,will that be a problem.How can it be compensated or how long you can have break in career? can you explain me little more about CONTINUING EDUCATION classes? how to take it?Is it acceptable if I do some courses online (eg. Certification courses through courses)?
    How ,whom and where to begin to look for Nursing jobs? what all the documents they ask while you apply for a post?
    Please enlighten me
    Thank you in advance,,
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  5. by   POTR
    The rules for New Mexico are here

    Apparently NM requires 30 hours every 24 months. I don't see if they make an exception for the first period of licensure, so you may have to cram in a few courses really quick to maintain your standing.

    You can find NMNA approved CNE activities here ... is on the list and has free courses... is also on the list. I did not see, but they may be ok, you will have to verify that with NMNA, possible since they are ANCC accredited.

    If you can't come up with the credits, you may be able to go Inactive for a period until you can catch up which will be infinitely better than letting your license expire.

    I am not from either state, and have no relevant experience with either BON or organizations in these two states, so I can only offer this general information.

    Hopefully someone from NM and/or AZ will see your post and be able to give you more informed and focused guidance.
  6. by   lekha
    I did 2 years bachelor's degree in nursing from Nepal and I have 3 years experience in Medical and Pediatric ward altogether, in a general hospital of Nepal.I am dependent of a PhD student. Recently, i got nursing license of NM. I was looking for job then i came across the USCIS's website,that says foreign nurses are not eligible for H1B in general RN positions but only certain specialized RN are. Is someone out there who have faced similar situation and got job? Please, help me clear this confusion.