Which preceptorship to request to have best chance at getting hired?

  1. I'm currently unemployed after spending 2 years in the nursing educator side of things (such as being a CNA teacher). Finally I decided to take a nurse refresher course after trying unsuccessfully to get back in the clinical side of nursing. The course needs me to give it direction on which area of nursing I would prefer for my clinical preceptorship. I'd like to do what would help the most with getting another job. I have a bit of experience as a school nurse, and a few years' experience in a non-traditional office nurse setting, and pediatric private-duty home care, plus a bit of long-term care experience (the LTC is something I really disliked). Here are some of the ideas I have for a preceptorship: short-stay unit/ambulatory care surgical center, urgent care center, ER, primary care clinic, med/surg, acute care pediatric floor, ambulatory infusion clinic, or L&D/mother-baby. Very hard for me to figure out what would be best to do. I would love to be able to get a job that doesn't require weekends, which is why I'd like clinic, short-stay unit, school nurse, or perhaps a visiting home health type job if I could find one mostly M-F (or else try to get a supplemental position maybe in a hospital that doesn't require many weekends, if possible.) But I don't want to do a preceptorship too narrow that would limit my future possibilities. I also would love to be able to learn the skills like IV insertion, IV med administration, and phlebotomy, to open up future job prospects. (And I was thinking L &D because it might open possibilities both in an OB clinic, or in a hospital, or even something R/T short-stay surgery since L&D often does C-sections and their recovery. But, again, don't know if this is too narrow a field and not enough jobs). Overall, I don't tend to gravitate toward really exciting, fast-moving things like ER, but I figured I would get to see a wide variety of things by doing preceptorship there and could improve on triage skills/IV skills. Really, I just want the best way to open a job for me: and though I might like a clinic job, how do I know that I would really be good at that even if I was able to find a position? (By the way, I didn't mention getting a preceptorship in school nursing because I already know what that's about, and I feel like in order to continue in that line I would prefer to have more pediatric or urgent care experience). (I am also considering getting Master's in the future, perhaps as an ARNP, but not sure about that). Any ideas?
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  2. Poll: Which preceptorship would be best?

    • Med/Surg acute care

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    • Primary Care Clinic

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    • Urgent Care center or ER

      33.33% 1
    • Pediatric acute care

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    • Short-stay Surgery/ambulatory surgery

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    • L&D

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    • Infusion clinic

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