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Hi all, I saw some older threads about this, but thought I'd bring it up again. I'm Lisa, a "mature" RN returning to the workforce, hopefully. I have 7 kids ranging from 23yo down to 5yo and our youngest is getting ready to start... Read More

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    i agree!!
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    I am new here to the board and I have been out of nursing for 19 years. I placed my license on inactive status several years ago and just never got around to reactivating it (life got really busy). I live in Illinois and I am trying to figure out what the situation is with re-entering the field. I am 51 and wondering if, after going through all the "hoops", any place will hire me?
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    I also live in Fort Lauderdale and was off nursing for a while, took the refreasher course and now working in home health. It's flexable, but a lot of the paperwork. Yes, it is slow right now because of the off-season/ no snowbirds. But there is private duty nursing.
    Private message me for more info.

    Good Luck!!
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