Passed the RN board exam this year... I have a situation... Need advice Please!!

  1. Hello Everyone! (sorry if this is long)

    So I passed the NCLEX-RN in April 2010 (my first try). I got my BSN Diploma August 2009. But I walked for the graduation ceremony May 2008. (I went to a private school >30k/year). In 2008 w/ the economy my dad lost his job, our family lost our house and we couldn't afford to finish paying my tuition = hold on all my records (official/unofficial transcripts + diploma, etc.) Luckily my church and relatives helped us out and long story short, here I am.

    I haven't had clinical experience (let alone professsional exp.) in 2 years. I live in the Los Angeles County and (w/ the nation in debt, esp. the state of CA) there has been this hiring freeze... most if not all places look for at least 1 year of professional experience and I don't know what to do. The hospital nurse recruiters tell me not to go to home health or clinics... that I should keep trying for smaller hospitals before going to bigger ones because I need that baseline HOSPITAL experience. My goal is to become a CCU nurse... But how can I convince even the smaller hospitals to consider me?

    Should I take a refresher course that also offers additional clinical experience refresher help? Should I take all the refresher courses possible? IV & Wound courses? Also, does anyone know any quality refresher courses that can help me? I just turned 26 this year. I still want to go to grad school and become a nurse practitioner. I just need that one chance in the hospital to prove that I can and will be a great nurse. (I hope ^_^)
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  3. by   mel_anne88
    hi crystalnurse. im sorry to hear that. we're on the same boat i graduated last 2009 and took nclex rn nov 2010 and upto now im still jobless im here at LA too. no one even tried to get me into an interview dont know wha to do anymore. did you get a job?