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  1. 0 o.k. I messed up, let my cpr lapse and now need it for another class I need to get my upcoming job offer. The only class I can find within my short deadline time is a recert class. I am technically expired, will they check my old card upon arriving to class? I know this is bad but have just finished a messy divorce and now have major financial problems so this is a real problem I have taken cpr for 20 or so years and of course this is the year it lapsed. No my new employer does not offer it. Can I slide in on the recert or will I get busted?:uhoh21:
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    May have been a dumb question, but my teacher always told me there are no dumb questions.............
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    I don't think you'll have a problem. I took a class and my CPR was expired over 2 yrs. The class format has changed; it was fast moving with lots of opportunity to demo. Good luck!!
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    Actually, if the Center is being run according to AHA guidelines, the Instructor should ask to see your card before you're accepted into the class. I'm an AHA instructor and that's what we do at our hospital. Even if the card is one day expired, you have to go through the whole class. And that's not a bad thing right now because many BLS guidelines changed in 2006. The numbers are different and so is the use of the AED. It wouldn't hurt to go through the full day class to get all the new information.

    Bite the bullet, get online, and see where the nearest class is being offered. Many times if you tell the potential employer that you're enrolled in an upcoming class, they'll still hire you with the understanding that you'll become certified within so many days. Good luck!
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