New RN with research background in need of advice-please help!

  1. Help! After graduating with my BS in Health Care Management in 2006 I began working for a popular cancer center in Florida as a research coordinator. Shortly after I became a Reg Affairs Specialist and became certified as a CRC through ACRP. I decided I wanted to be a bedside nurse and wanted a more clinically based career (the Reg Affairs Specialist position is strictly administrative) so I went to nursing school and graduated in May with my A.S.N. I passed my boards however, the facility I work for has decided not to employ me as an RN (despite having paid for my nursing degree) because I do not have a BSN and they are seeking magnet status. As such, I am still working in research as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist because no one in my area seems to want to hire an Associate prepared nurse with no experience(despite the fact that I am beginning an RN to BSN program in January 2013). I have decided to relocate to the Nashville, TN area (family there, lived in Florida all of my life and ready for a change) and although I'm extremely interested in cardiology and desire to work as a nurse on a cardiac specialty unit, I believe my 6.5 years working in research coupled with my nursing license may allow me to secure a Research Nurse position in the Nasvhille area as opposed to a staff nurse position. I also do pretty well for myself financially in my current research position and, given that I am a single mother who is the sole supporter of my son, think I may be in a better position if I stayed with the research path and utilized my nursing degree in that way. I'm very torn though. Any thoughts, opinions or advice someone could give would be wonderful. My apologies as I know this post may seem scattered...
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    Updated: I got a phone interview! Very nervous since I don't have the clinical experience outside of school but I'm hoping my 6+ years in research academia on the regulatory side will serve me well and help with the learning curve on the clinical side. We'll anybody out there, lol??
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    How did it go? I would love to hear how your search goes. I too am interested in both research and nursing and I am curious if you felt that you will be better able to further your career in research as a research nurse. Good Luck!
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    I am now working on an inpatient BMT unit. I've only had one night on the floor so far but I loved it! So much to learn but it's so fascinating to me that I enjoy studying it. Originally when I decided to do nursing it was b/c I knew it would further my career in research however, I had a strong desire at the bedside doing patient care. Not sure if and/or when I'll get back to research but I've experienced the side of it that truly turned me off so I won't be back for a while. Just my take though. I know some who love it and definitely could have gone very far in a research career if I were passionate about it. Thanks for the well wishes