Looking for a research nurse to interview

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    I'm currently taking a professional nursing class and I have to interview nurses in different fields. I am having a hard time finding a nurse in the research area. Can anyone answer any or all of the following questions regarding your field?? Thanks for your help

    1.Discuss how you utilize and value the knowledge of other disciplines to solve patient care problems.What team members are you most engaged with and what is the unique expertise of each?

    2.Describe how you demonstrate appropriate team building and collaborative strategies when working with inter professional teams.

    3.How do you see care applied within your particular nursing practice situation?

    4.Describe the role of different nurses in promoting safe and quality outcomes of care for diverse populations

    5. Describe how you apply quality improvement processes to implement patient safety initiatives and monitor outcomes. How are nurse sensitive indicators monitored in your institution?

    6.Describe how nurses facilitate patient centered care in your institution and practice, how are pt care and advocacy similar and different?

    7.Describe a situation in your practice in which you see the principles of ethics,professional nursing standards,altruism, and human dignity affected your nursing practice or a specific outcome?

    8.Describe a patient care initiative in your organization and improved outcomes and enhanced cost effectiveness in care delivery.

    9.Describe how nursing research has improved or changed a particular aspect of patient care in your institution. How is a research project different fro quality improvement activities?

    10. Describe how information technology and patient data are used in your instituion and hoe patient confidentiality is affected.
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  3. by   fanderson
    These are lots of indepth questions to answer but I'll do my best to answer the ones I can.
    Research nurses utilize the knowledge of others such as scientists, doctors and coworkers. When working with these coworkers you work as a team.research nurses assist investigators and patients in a supportive environment. They combine clinical expertise in nursing with an in-depth knowledge of the research project and are in the unique position of being the advocate for both the research subject and the principal investigator. research nurses not only need the skills to meet the needs of patients with complex care requirements, but also the skills to provide safe, accurate, efficient, and ethical care that is in compliance with federal and local research regulations. With the increasing complexity of clinical research, research nurses also need to be knowledgeable about and involved in all aspects of the research process.

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   Matt8
    I need to find a research nurse to ask a few basic questions, and to possibly interview a couple more times over the next month.
    This is for an EBP class in an accelerated program. I spent a number of hours yesterday contacting 20 people and have heard nothing back (and in an accelerated program those hours are sorely missed!) I would greatly appreciate any help!!

    The four questions due Tuesday are:

    1. How did you get interested in your topic?
    2. How do you project application of your work to EBP?
    3. What are your hopes for the study?
    4. What is the greatest challenge in conducting the study?

    If you could just answer these that would be awesome

    Thank you!!!