Interested in this specialty : )

  1. I am a student nurse who will be graduating with my ADN in May and moving to the denver area.

    I am definitely going to pursue an RN-BSN program as soon as possible.

    While I was waiting to get into a nursing program I had taken all I could take and (wondering if there was ever going to be a spot open) I started pursuing a degree in microbiology. I obviously had to put that on hold when I got in to nursing school but found that I *really* had an interest in it.

    I was just wondering if after I get my BSN, should I continue to pursue a degree in micro? Or some sort of grad school other than MSN if I'd like to get into a research position some day?

    Any input would be appreciated! : )
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    I'm interested in a research specialty as well.

    If you wanted to study micro in particular you'd probably be best served by getting a degree in that area. If you just wanted to do research in general you might be able to do that with a BSN, although an MSN is more usually associated with nursing research.
  4. by   anc33
    Research is a very broad area. Can you elaborate more on what type of research you would like to be involved in?
  5. by   vsangvikar
    i have worked as a nursing professor in nursing college and having teaching experience more than 20 years.i have done msn from india and having clinical experience more than 35 years.last year i passed nclex examand having colorado board licence. i am interested in doing nursing research or work as aresearch assistant in colorado university.please help me.
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  6. by   vsangvikar
    iam interested in nursing research.i have done msn from india my speciality is community health .having 35 yearsof experience in community nursing last year i paased nclex exam and having Colorado board of nursing licence i am willing to work as a research assistant in university.please guide and help me