HELP!!!!! any available sites for Nursing Research???

  1. i am currently taking masters degree and i am assigned to find as least 2 nursing research :typing that is focused on LYDIA HALL's care core cure theory.

    CAN ANYBODY HELP ME???? it is a requirement as a midterm paper and i am kinda desperate?

    any help will be gladly appreciated pls??????????????????????????
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  3. by   llg
    Did you do a CINAHL search using her name and/or theory as key words?
  4. by   dettedette19
    Quote from llg
    Did you do a CINAHL search using her name and/or theory as key words?
    CINAHL??? hehe i kindda have no idea how/what is that.

    but i tried both google and yahoo and i cant find anything.

    coz i need a very detailed research/thesis.

    i need most esp the conceptual paradigm.
  5. by   llg
    Google and yahoo only search the web for sites available to the general public. You need to do a search of the professional nursing literature. I suggest you go to your school's library and ask the librarian to help you learn their systems for searching the nursing literature.

    CINAHL = Cummulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature. It is the largest index of professional nursing literature. It is not available for free, but your school library may subscribe to it and make it available for free to the students. Or else, they may have another service you can use to search the professional journals.