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    Quick info about me: bs in psychology, 3 years as a research assistant in animal (mice) research, then bsn in nursing aug 08 and have been working in ICU for approx 10 months, wanting to get into clinical research.

    I am wanting to get an idea of salary/benefits from CRCs. I am looking into university/academia research centers as those seem to be more willing to train nurses for CRC positions. I know that going into research won't make me rich (hey I was a research assistant for 3 years, i know) and that bedside nursing will pay more (bedside nursing is not my thing, so any amount of money is not worth it to do it long-term). I just want to be able to pay bills, pay off my debt instead of going into more debt, and be able to have money for emergencies and for the occasional splurge on something fun/nice. You know, what almost everybody wants.

    I'm currently looking into CRC/research nursing from an "will I enjoy my job/does it fit me" perspective, but I want to make sure that I am looking at it from a financial perspective as well. I know it varies greatly where you work, for whom, etc but any info from anyone's personal experience would be helpful as well. You don't have to give me actually salary numbers. (Yes, I've looked at various salary websites, but I'd like to hear from some real people if possible).

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    At my institution new research RNs are paid anywhere from $40-55K depending on department. I have been in clinical research for the majority of my nursing career so I have no clue how much more I could make in a hospital. The last nurse we hired took about a $10-15K paycut when she joined us.
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    Yes the 1st poster is pretty accurate on compensation, at least in academia.

    Good luck!
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    It's much higher where I am, but I'm in the private sector. If you go to this website, and put in your city and state you can get an estimate for your area. For my city and state, it was dead on.
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    Thanks for the info lovingpecola. I have been to that site before, but I wasn't sure how accurate it was. Did you have any experience in research nursing before you entered the private sector? I figured private would pay more, but academic centers would be more willing to train.

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